Kevlar® Correctional™


Kevlar® Correctional™ technology — Increased Protection from Stabbing Weapons

Stabs from handmade weapons, created in jails and prisons, demand their own solution for officers in correctional facilities. To help meet this daily challenge, DuPont developed Kevlar® Correctional™ technology.

Made out of ordinary materials found in any jail or prison facility, shivs and picks pose a unique stabbing threat. In response to feedback and letters from corrections officers, we developed DuPont™ Kevlar® Correctional™ technology. Working with manufacturers, DuPont helped them create a weave of Kevlar® fiber that could be used to help prevent stabs and better protect officers from assaults with shanks, awls, ice picks, and handmade knives.

The key to the outstanding puncture resistance of Kevlar® Correctional™ technology is superfine Kevlar® fiber. When an improvised stabbing instrument (not a commercially made knife) strikes the material, the fibers help prevent passage through the body armor by dissipating the energy and restricting the instrument from pushing the fibers apart. In addition, protective tactical vests made with Kevlar® Correctional™ technology are designed to help provide comfort for the full duration of a shift, and are thin enough to conceal under uniforms.

Correctional officers now a have a solution to confidently handle the day-to-day situations they face and go home safely after every shift.